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2023 Calendar

2023 Calendar

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2023 Jeff Pearce Music calendar

In what is a first for me, I'm very happy to present the 2023 Jeff Pearce Music calendar- a twelve month calendar featuring images I've used in the past for albums/singles/EPs.

While I am not a photographer (at ALL- and I have plenty of visual proof to back this statement up), I HAVE, over the years, developed a sense of what visuals go well with my music, in terms of CD packaging and album covers.  This calendar features some of my favorite images from CDs/singles/EPs that I've released.

Of course, having great photographs doesn't matter if the print quality is substandard- and that's certainly NOT the case here; this calendar is the result of a high quality printing process, glossy on the outside and semi-matte inside (which makes it easier to write notes on) and on heavy enough paper that it will last for a long time (although, to be fair, this particular item only needs to last for exactly a year....)

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