"The Last Bright Lights"

"The Last Bright Lights" is the closing song on "Skies and Stars".  The album is available for pre-order HERE!

As I am typing this, my oldest daughter is starting her career as a high school chemistry teacher, and my youngest daughter is starting her senior year in high school. Both of them are making their way out into the world- as they should. And as a parent, I'm watching them go, and encouraging them in what they do- as I should.

I have been reflecting on this state of slow, inevitable, and ultimately GOOD change for a while now; how being a parent- and for that matter, being a human on this planet- is a long, slow, constant process of "letting go".  And with my daughters, I remember clearly every moment of "letting go"- letting go of their hands when they were ready to walk on their own, letting go of the back of the bicycle and watching them pedal away on their own power- all of those "letting go"'s had their scary moments (for dad), their exciting moments (for them), and ultimately, their happy moments (for dad and them). 

There are, however, moments in life where this never-ending change and "letting go" briefly suspends, and those moments, for me, were the moments I spent looking at the stars with my daughters.  These times were almost always in the summer, out in our orchard.  I'd point out constellations and the names of some of the stars, and my daughters would patiently wait for me to stop talking so they could catch some fireflies.  When it would be time to go inside, it was a bit of a challenge to get my daughters to let go of the fireflies; like any child, they wanted to take them inside and keep them in their room. 

It was difficult for my daughters to let go, but that was the only way to let what they were holding onto fly off and brighten the sky.

Once you let go, the sky gets brighter.

"The Last Bright Lights" is not only an audio memory of all the time my daughters and I spent looking at stars together, but a reminder to me that the most important privilege in my life has been watching these two "bright lights" shine- no matter where they are, and no matter where I am.


  • Jeff Pearce is one of my all time favorite artists. His music has accompanied me in rough times and has never failed to deliver. What a wonderful story as well..really looking forward to the new album. Thank you a million times over.

    Danny Casson
  • I have loved your music since I was a teenager Jeff.

    The incredible sound worlds you create with your guitar are filled with the perfect balance of emotion and vast space in which to both lose oneself and discover oneself. What lies within your music for me is also an opportunity to become invested as a listener and student of music through life. Your humble approach to creating art is an inspiration and something rarely found in such incredible work.

    Your stories and personal journey reflected in your musical work gives it depth and meaning for me personally as I continue to invite your music to take me wherever it’s heading. Thank you for continuing to create such beauty in the world Jeff.

    - Bob Guido

    Bob Guido
  • Dear Mr. Pearce;

    Thank you for the wonderful music and video.
    Will you be touring anytime soon?

    Mark Bailey

    Mark Bailey
  • Love it Jeff! Can’t wait for the full album!

    Keith Richie

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