Follow the River Home Compact Disc

Follow the River Home Compact Disc

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Music for "water-watching"- that's the best description a listener sent me, and I'm keeping it.   There is definitely a water-theme to the music, such as my songs "Downstream 1" and "Downstream 2".  "Follow the River Home" features possibly my favorite of my long-form compositions- "Gathering Stars", which clocks in at 20 minutes and 9 seconds.  The album closes with the title track, which is definitely the "sweetest" sad song I've ever written- and is included for listening on this page.

(many people have asked me where the title for this album came from.  Years ago, my youngest daughter- who would have been 8 at the time- informed me that the stream on our property emptied into the Wabash river, and that the Wabash river emptied into the Ohio river, and that the Ohio river emptied into the Mississippi river- and that emptied into the Gulf of Mexico.  She thought I should know this just in case I got lost- "because if you get lost, you can just find the Mississippi river, and follow that river home".  I kept that title in my heart for just the right time- and the right song.)

This album reached the #1 spot on Bandcamp's Ambient chart, and was voted "Best Ambient Album of 2016" by the radio programmers who submit their playlists to the "Zone Music Reporter" service.

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