In Late Summer Compact Disc

In Late Summer Compact Disc

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"In Late Summer" concludes the seasonal "in home" live recordings that started with "In Winter" in January of 2021. It seemed a good idea to bring the final release in this series full circle; like “In Winter”, “In Late Summer” is performed entirely on electric guitar (except for “What Summer Leaves Behind”, which is performed on an acoustic guitar, but more on that in a bit).

Unlike the previous seasonal releases, "In Late Summer" is not an EP, but a full album. And it's the first of any album I've released to feature the beautiful photography of my daughter, Thalia, on the cover.

1) One Last Look- this song was a gift that appeared almost out of nowhere, and I'm always thankful for those gifts. The wistful and slightly nostalgic feel of the song fits well with the late Summer season- or with any time in our lives where we take, well, “one last look” at everything around us before that "everything" changes.

2) Until Next Year- this is a short duet between ambient electric guitar, and the morning sounds from the woods on our property. In the past, I've used nature sounds from libraries I've purchased, but for this song (and "What Summer Leaves Behind"), I recorded the nature sounds myself, and I probably had more fun doing that than I should have! You can hear birds, insects, and the gentle rustle of leaves in this binaural recording. The song itself is something of a message to the “wildlife in the air”, saying “goodbye, see you next year, have a good autumn and winter”.

3) Quiet and Clear- this original version of this song was written and recorded on my Tascam four track cassette recorder in late summer of 1993, but didn’t appear on a recording of mine until 1999’s “Daylight Slowly” CD. I’ve long thought that this song “deserved better” from me; the original version suffers more than a bit from the reduced audio quality of the audio cassette. This new version was well recorded in my home studio, and the newfound clarity reminded me of the many nights in the early 1990's I spent looking at the quiet and clear skies.

4) What Summer Leaves Behind- this is another duet with the woods, only this time, the nature ambience was recorded in the middle of a late summer night (less than a week ago, as of this writing), and features the usual summer insects and a few tree frogs here and there- and a first for me: I provided accompaniment on ambient acoustic guitar, specifically, an Emerald Amicus guitar- a 12 string guitar tuned almost an octave higher than a standard guitar (for guitar players: the open strings on the Amicus sound like you put a capo at the tenth fret of a 12-string guitar). There’s a lot of looping on this one, and the end result sounded like the notes floating off into the night sky. In a few weeks, our woods will be far quieter, and the weather will be too cold to hike outside with my guitars, so I was happy to have one last collaboration with mother nature at the end of Summer.

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