Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

this is pretty simple:  if it's a cd of my music you bought from my shop, and it's defective, contact me via email ( let me know what's wrong, and I'll send a replacement.

For T-Shirts and mugs:  there are no refunds for choosing the wrong shirt size- so  please check the size chart before ordering a shirt.  However- if you ordered a medium, and received a small, for example- then, yes, that IS a reason to receive a refund or replacement.  And if the logo is wrong or misprinted on the shirts or mugs?  That's a reason for a replacement to be sent to you.

in THAT situation?  Don't send the shirt/mug back to me.  Instead, take a picture of the item, attach it to an email, tell me what's wrong with the item, then send the email to I'll personally take care of it, and a replacement item will be sent to you ASAP.